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Performance Front Brake Conversion


Vented front brakes are a very common in most modern cars and are worthwhile upgrade for any DeLorean to replace current proprietary non-vented rotors and calipers. The stock DeLorean calipers and rotors replacement parts are expensive and sometimes have long lead times. Servicing the stock DeLorean rotor also calls for removing the front wheel hub and risking damaging the wheel bearing in the process.

With this newly designed bracket setup,  custom made by DeLorean Midwest, it allows the front brake rotor and caliper to bolt directly to the DeLorean. There are no invasive modifications required, this kit simply bolts on and allows you to easily revert back to a stock setup if you choose to. You can use stock Miata replacement calipers and rotors, or upsized and use big brake kits with larger rotors and multi piston calipers. The only limit is your wheel size. This kit also retains the use of the stock angle drive. Replacing the rotors no longer require you to ever remove the wheel hub again, the new rotors sit on the wheel hub just as the rear stock DeLorean rotors do.

There are two variations of this product. If you have any questions regarding which one to choose, please contact us prior to ordering. 

Brake Kit

Brackets Only, Level 1, Level 2


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